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why not use point sprites for vegetation/trees?

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for those of us that only play these games in VR, one thing that continues to annoy me more and more, is the way vegetation and the lower LOD version of trees are handled. in flatscreen mode, this is almost a non issue, but in vr it looks HORRENDOUS! you basically have to run the game with trees on a setting no higher than high, with most of us on medium or low, and when your on that setting most trees are simple a flat, 2d sprite, which would normally be fine but...

in VR, the sprite always has to be facing the camera, so the smallest movement of your head causes the billboarding effect to become so obvious that its just very distracting. then i remembered that point sprite test that used to be in the 3dmark benchmarks that showed 2d sprites but they had TONS of frames for every angle you could view from, giving the convincing illusion that it was polygonal when it was in fact just a sprite. you wouldnt need THAT mean, just a few different frames so that you wouldnt have that obvious billboard effect. . Ive also noticed that NONE of the particle fx take advantage of the stereo effect. are there any technical reasons why noone seems to make sprites that have a version for the left and right eye, so that it at least has depth to it instead of just being an obviously flat surface when viewed with a 3d display? it seems like you could use fewer particles to represent more information this way too!  if you combined both the stereoscopic sprites and the point sprite method, you could have some INCREDIBLE looking vegetation and trees for VR that would really stand out amongst the crowd.  i understand that its not something worth considering if vr ports are just considered an afterthought, but please, at least look into this for the future, and if there is some technical reason as to why this isnt possible, id LOVE to hear it becuase noone seems to be using these techniques and im insanely curious as to why.

thanks for reading!

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