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F1 2021 & 2022... Bear with me

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Release F1 2021 as an update to 2020. The cars are remaining (more or less) the same, barring a few performance updates/driver changes. I assume that this would be much less labour intensive than the alternative, allowing CM more time (and money) to be able to thoroughly ensure the significant changes that are coming in for 2022 are done to the best standard possible. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, it's not as good as it will be and I'll love it even more then, but I think due to covid and adding the extra features this year, something obviously had to give. Use next year to reset the timeline if you will. It's cool if you don't agree, that's allowed (I think some ppl forget that). Just my thoughts here is all

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3 hours ago, TurkeySloth2107 said:

Unfortunately, the feasibility of the "'21 as an update" pitch entirely upon Ferrari continuing in F1 next year, which is highly questionable right now.

Ferrari isn't leaving. Although with the way 2020 has been going, I wouldn't be surprised. 

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