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Mouse Support + MyTeam + Career suggestions

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The fact that we still don't have mouse support on PC is a shame. Navigating through menus with a combination of stuff I have mapped to my wheel and keyboard is so much clunkier and inefficient than just being able to use a mouse. Please, it's 2020. Let's make it happen. 

MyTeam is a great game mode! Despite the driver/owner idea not being realistic at all in current F1, it's easy to not pay attention to it and pretend that's not the case. Anyway, I feel like we're missing some important customization options. We absolutely should be able to change the number font and color on the car. We should be able to customize the rest of the team kit (pit crew uniform, engineer uniforms) so we don't need to edit the order of team colors to get the desired results. 

Career mode needs a better path to F1. With a full F2 integration in F1 2020, it would be great if it actually mattered. The driver academy choice should matter. I guess I want something that feels more authentic than being able to give Lewis the boot at Mercedes right away. Also, no more mid-season driver swaps. 

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I agree yesterday was the first time I actually rage quit a game because I couldn't work the bloody menus. Having no mouse support on a PC game just shows that this is a plain console port without much consideration for the PC platform it is actually sold on IMO.

The game itself is great though, but for the love of god codemasters, please implement this basic feature and make your PC users happy.

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