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Communicating with Online Services Message taking up all of the screen while racing Master Thread

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Same at my PS4. Also after practice ended (playing solo) i had message "Connecting to online services" all over my screen and it would stuck there. But that yellow thig was still spinning. I had to restart game. This game has lot of problems. More than 2019. They probably didn't have much time for testing.

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Online has been unplayable the past couple of days (day 1 of pre release was fine). I finish a race in first and then a player not even playing gets a 44 second lap and finishes the race 1 hour and 44 minutes before me in a 25% race! This is just an example, happens every race, another race someone glitched and won and 2nd was miles behind the glitched winner, any updates on this issue? 

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Dear Codemasters,


This issue has literally popped up since the 7th July launch, some update patches and a week later, issue still persists. It is still happening across all consoles and game modes, even if you are playing career mode, this display message will plague your screen on-and-off every 5 second intervals or so. The only way to fix it is to reboot the game entirely, but of course, same issue would happen again after a while. 

Top right corner the display message "Communicating with online services..." would pop pup - That's fine, slight annoyance. BUT when it covers the ENTIRE screen in a middle of a race, especially an online race - that's game-breaking. Doesn't kick you out of the game, it's just there and you can't see the game for a few short seconds but it happens repeatedly. Obvious major issue when you are playing a race online, especially ranked.

It has been reported multiple times, but is anything being done about it? Can anyone confirm?

Here, let me search, first page results:


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Happened to me as well. I even deleted the app in my PC and reinstalled during the night. Now this morning, first time after re-loading, I can't get online in Multiplayer. It always pushed me to create a lobby where NO ONE ever join. I can't play online (multiplayer) and that sucks!

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1.       Hello, I'm on PC and downloaded the latest F1 2020 game (V1.03) and trying to connect on Multiplayer Online services. But I can't. Not only the Connecting With Online Service message keep appearing on my screen, but also I cannot connect to any lobby. At all. I tried everything and yet, I am there sitting alone in the lobby - no one join, I cannot join any lobby with other players.
2.       I'm using Version 1.03
3.       Multiplayer (Ranked races)
4.       Not sure about the replication thing you need to know - but I am telling you, I have tried for three days now - only on the first day (launch day), which I did managed to get into lobbies with a bunch of people and helped me to gain some points. Since then, I cannot get into fully or partially full lobbies (or even with some people-lobbies)
5.       I uninstalled the game from my PC. Last night, fully installed and tried again now. Nothing. I reboot my 5G wifi home router. Connected again. Nothing. Quit the game, re-launch it (did this several times and in the last three days), yet nothing. In the lobby, I am there alone.
6.       See video I just (literally) make.
7.       [ For PC ] – Please add a  to your post.   

2020-07-13 08-11-48.mkv


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@BarryBL still not clear answer or solution to this problem. Also, I noticed there are "options to select lobbies"? Is that true, in PC, F1 2020? if so, how? Maybe I am not selecting the right lobby (or Area - I remember playing F1 2018 in PS4 and I was able to select the Lobby Area/Region - I could never do that in PS4 F1 2019 or PC F1 2020).

Please understand my main issue is that I cannot get into lobbies with people and I cannot believe there is no one out-there ranked-racing.

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Wired connection i would play 1 race online ranked and it occur the thoughout the next one continuting till i close the app and restart it.. for to to occur again. unplayable

quick fix.... only have it on the top left corner....  

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Seriously, I’m just trying to edit my driver and this keep coming up every 2 seconds. Not exaggerating!! Can we get a fix to where my screen doesn’t gets grey’d out in the main menu AS WELL AS IN GAME. I’ve lost a couple position due to this.


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Not sure if it is correlation to the time trial leaderboards issue (ps4).

I am finding that the tracks that I have set a leaderboard time in this issue doesnt happen (atleast as frequent) however tracks that I haven't posted a time at is where the issue starts to pop up. Also find that some tracks are still having problems downloading the leaderboards first time doing them in TT. Usually requires a restart of the game to fix

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On 7/11/2020 at 4:29 AM, UnderclassGDfan said:


The game keeps telling me every 25 seconds "connecting to online services..." in the upper left corner.
No matter where I am...main menu, loading screen, offline AI-race, cutscene...just everywhere it's telling me that it's connecting.

I don't seem to have online-connection problems at all, but this is annoying.

Is there a way to disable this message?
Don't wanna play offline, but this makes me furious.


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On 7/9/2020 at 1:41 PM, BarryBL said:

Hey @kisuke_fly, dont worry, saw it and under investigation. What are you internet settings btw? Do you only experience it in EU heavy lobbies? It is something we are investigating.


I was racing a few minutes ago with some mates and they all had the same thing on their screen.... its pretty annoying and its not only me, it was almost like 5 of the 12 people in that race who had the same problem, console is xbox one

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23 hours ago, allfred said:


Version 1.0.2 Xbox One

F1 2020 often hangs when I want to go back to the main menu from the time trial or Grand Prix.

Then the "Connect to online services - please wait " screen appears. and then nothing happens !!!!

The "Connect to online services - please wait" screen no longer disappears. Then I have to restart the game!

Not every time. But very, very often.

My internet connection and Xbox Live configuration are ok.

Please fix it!

So the game is not playable if the only solution is to restart the game!

thank you

Same here

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