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F1 2020 Setup and Race Dash App

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The 2020 version of the Setups for Racing Games app has been released on iOS, Android and Huawei. There are already at least one setup on most tracks - including setups for My Team.

This release of the app allows you to record your setup automagically from the game using UDP, so there is no need to key any information in.

The app also features a full Dash which real-time data direct from the game.

This version adds the following features:

- You can now change the icon to one of our 13 options
- Brand new home screen
- Added support for F1 2020
- Support for Dark Theme
- New Logo and colour scheme
- Repositioned the Change Game and Sort buttons to the home screen
- Added Time and number of Trophies to the available sorts
- A custom multi-stage sort
- The app now shows the short names of tracks
- On the new setup page the keyboard now dismissed on losing focus instead of on scroll


You can find more information and download the app here: https://racingsetups.app/

Edited by Setups for Racing Games
Now Available on the Huawei App Gallery
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