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Wheel Settings Logitech G920

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Hello guys,

can someone share his Wheel Settings for the Logitech G920 for the Xbox?

My Problem is, that i don´t feel much when the Tyres are loosing Traktion or when i brake and they are Locked.

Thanks in advance

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I leave most of default settings. It sounds like you might want to increase the force feedback. (I have mine at 85). 

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These are my settings, however I run medium TC and have ABS on so they may not suit you perfectly.


Steering Deadzone - 0

Steering Linearity - 0

Steering Saturation - 10

Throttle Deadzone - 5

Throttle Linearity - 15

Throttle Saturation - 2

Brake Deadzone - 3

Brake Linearity - 0

Brake Saturation - 20 (I use the clutch pedal as my brake)

Vibration and Force Feedback:

Vibration and Force Feedback Strength - 105

On Track Effects - 40

Rumble Strip Effects - 30

Off Track Effects - 30

Wheel Damper - 10

Understeer Enhance - Off

Maximum Wheel Rotation - 330 degrees

Personally, these settings give me just the right amount of weight to the steering and you can correct oversteer fairly easily. Wheel rotation at low speed is sometimes a bit average - I noticed it wasn't great at turn 11 at Vietnam (the tight hairpin), so that may need some adjusting. Hope this helps! 

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