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Looking to buy T80 wheel : No force feedback explanation..

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casual gamer here looking to buy the t80 to only play f1 2019.

Only question I have:

Currently, via the the PS4 controller, it vibrates when I run on the curbs.

The T80 wheel has no force feedback: Does it mean if I run on the curbs I won't feel anything through the wheel?

thanks for sharing any details/clarification on the non force feedback wheel :)







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I think the thing with a non-ffb wheel is that it’s a spring that force the wheel to go back to straight so it will feel real arcady with no feeling. 

i recomend the T150 if u are looking for a budget weel but want it to be fun to play.

I have the T300 and G29 and have to say its worth the money! 



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