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Looking to buy T80 wheel : No force feedback explanation..

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casual gamer here looking to buy the t80 to only play f1 2019.

Only question I have:

Currently, via the the PS4 controller, it vibrates when I run on the curbs.

The T80 wheel has no force feedback: Does it mean if I run on the curbs I won't feel anything through the wheel?

thanks for sharing any details/clarification on the non force feedback wheel :)







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I think the thing with a non-ffb wheel is that it’s a spring that force the wheel to go back to straight so it will feel real arcady with no feeling. 

i recomend the T150 if u are looking for a budget weel but want it to be fun to play.

I have the T300 and G29 and have to say its worth the money! 



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A little late and you have probably made your decision already but here are my 2 cents.  I’m on PS4 and bought the kids a T80 a couple years ago with the expectation of using it causally myself and just something fun for the kids. When the lockdown occurred I Started using it daily and 4 months later after getting addicted to driving F1 cars I’m planning on what FFB wheel I will get for next gen. A fun wheel that does its job for a cheap price but the lack of feel for kerbs, skidding etc has made me only be able to get so far. While I still enjoy using it I would have spent extra on a FFB wheel if I would have known I would be the one who ended up using it the most. The lack of feeling when you are losing traction or grip and when you’re about to lock up makes it hard to know when to correct before it’s too late.

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