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DiRT Rally Championship Round 5 - The Final

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Welcome to round five of the DiRT Rally Championship.

This week we are heading to all around the world in the final stages and you have until Midnight on Tuesday 3rd June to submit your times - all stages must be ran from the Single Player > Time Trail menu and you can use any car within the set class.

The running order is as follows:

Stage 1:
Lake Gratiot

Stage 2:
Vaaler Climb

Stage 3:

Stage 4
Taveta descent

To submit your times simply post up the following info:

Stage 1 Time:
Stage 2 Time:
Stage 3 Time:
Stage 4 Time:

Then include evidence of your time for each stage, this can be in form of a photo or video.

To add a photo simply take a screenshot (F12 on Steam) of the final time screen (as seen below) via your PC or with your camera phone and upload it to somewhere on the internet (I would recommend imgur). Or you can tweet it to @dirtgame then just drop a link to the tweet with your results.

You can only post your results up once.
You can not use mods or hacks.
You can not edit your post or update your times (doing so will result in disqualification). So only submit once you are happy with them.
You must provide evidence in either video or photographic form.
You must load up events from the Time Trial menu only.
You must submit your times by Midnight (UK time) on the 3rd June.
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That was fun! Four stages were really demanding and the most pleasurable was one in Norway which I did on last run. Anyway, I love that moment when after driving relatively slow Bowler I switched to Quattro S1, almost like I would activate hyperdrive lol

Name: Vorrtz
Team: STP
Stage 1 Time: 2:42:732
Stage 2 Time: 
Stage 3 Time: 
Stage 4 Time: 

Total: 10:04:766

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That was a very nice session especially liked the trailblazer, not bad times with man with a pad :~(

Team STP

Michigan lake gratiot classic 2.44.976
Norway Valeer climb classic  2.54.165
Finland Lankama Raid           2.28.840
Kenya Taveta Descent           2.07.140


Thnx everyone for playing nice times especial my teammate Vorrtz and Yar
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Great finale, and good rallying everyone. If this happens again, I hope to see less Norway :p
Also head2head tracks would be interesting, considering that they are time trials, it would be an interesting touch.
Anyways congratulations to the winner, they certainly deserved it! 


Team: Grakien

Stage 1 Time: 2:48.446
Stage 2 Time: 2:58.025
Stage 3 Time: 2:31.546
Stage 4 Time: 2:08.692

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It has been great fun and like was mentioned above I would love to do this again down the road. I think we are all better dirt 3 racers because of it and owe a great big thank you to Lee for making it possible. Look forward to seeing you all online in jam sessions in this and other games... and without further ado..

Stage 1 Lake Gratiot   : 2:44:770
Stage 2 Vaaler Climb   : 2:57.727
Stage 3 Lankamaa       : 2:29.677
Stage 4 Taveta Descent : 2:09.515

Stage 1 Lake Gratiot   : 2:44:770

Stage 2 Vaaler Climb   : 2:57.727

Stage 3 Lankamaa       : 2:29.677

Stage 4 Taveta Descent : 2:09.515

edit.. "we are better racers.. NOT we are better races ;-) edit edit.. lol
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Driver: Onion Sausages
Team: Team Saveloy

Stage 1: 3:07.253
Stage 2: 4:10.639
Stage 3: 3:16.265
Stage 4: 2:27.845

I only got one chance to drive the tracks (no time this week) and my times are so bad I don't think providing screenshots will prove anything. Why would I lie about my crap times above. :)

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I feel your pain. I had to work all weekend so I only did one run of each stage but I am still pretty happy with my times.

I finished modifying my rig for the GS-4 motion simulator, and oh my god is it ever good. Going over jumps is just amazingly cool and you can really feel the g-forces around the corners.

I concentrated more on my left foot braking this round. I was going to try some heel toe on the raid class but I ran out of time. It is interesting watching my foot work back on the pedal cam. It is great for learning and seeing how I race and how I can improve.

Name: Avenga76
Team: RPM Racing
Stage 1 Time: 2:54.730
Stage 2 Time: 3:00:980
Stage 3 Time: 2:36.316
Stage 4 Time: 2:16.499

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I want to say that StuntmanMike is having internet troubles, so i think we can upload pics but only if he gets a working internet connection. so maybe it will take until the morning. don´t know if you want to accept that or not. would be nice   good night mates
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Such a shame I couldn't finish off this series with a more serious approach. I haven't had time over the weekend and something came up tonight, leaving me with about an hour. I've particularly struggled in Trailblazer - I barely know those routes. Really far off... But oh well, it was still fun :)

Name: MastaVonBlasta
Team: Team VonBlastic

Stage 1 Time: 2:46.541 [photo]
Stage 2 Time: 2:56.695 [photo]
Stage 3 Time: 2:30.785 [photo]
Stage 4 Time: 2:08.890 [photo]
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Team Front Pfälzer

Stage 1 : 2.43.989 http://twitpic.com/e5e29j

Stage 2 : 2.51.756 http://twitpic.com/e5e2d6

Stage 3 : 2.26.340 http://twitpic.com/e5e2in

Stage 4 : 2.05.348 http://twitpic.com/e5e2pd

Thanks to biglee for this event - Awaysome !!!

Special Thx to Stp ,Vorrtz ,Bullsakuki3 ,DimitriA,+ Stuntmike for hours of Gohst-fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

hope see you all in a 3 King-stage bonus Rally in Montecarlo - my Mk2 is waiting :)

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I HATED the raid rally. The cars are so slow that I didnt have any problems with cornering, but I was still losing tons of time :/ 
Guess the setup/manual gears are really important for those. I loved the snow trailblazer though!

Good racing everyone! Cant even comprehend how some of you are so fast, well done! 

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