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DiRT Rally Championship Round 5 - The Final

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hi guys,

had some big network issues for last few days and wasn´t able to drive bc could´nt check whats the actuall stages are :( 
i can play now a little bit, but i know its too late :(
ll post my times now and hopefully you could accept it plz ^_^

Name: StuntmanMike24
Team: Euronics Gaming
Stage 1 Time: 2:41.988

Stage 2 Time: 2:50.208

Stage 3 Time: 2:25.824

Stage 4 Time: 2:04.742

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Good run @mikeyar72, that was quite demanding, I liked fighting with you through last four stages, good you joined us because unfortunately I lack in time, skill and track knowledge to fight equally with StuntmanMike :)

I won't run Monte, I'm out of time to do any more rounds :|


I can't wait for Final Standings and really curious about the prizes :P

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There are two small mistakes in the round 5 results.

On 7th place drivers name and team name are wrong way around. They should be

Drivers: Eelisaleksi  Team: Finnish Racing Team

And on 21th place (second to last) my team name should be Finnish Racing Team not Eelisaleksi who is another driver in our team.
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hi all :)

thx for this great competition, little bit sad it´s over now ... i can´t take part monte, have fun all there :)

@mikeyar and @vorrtz, thx for this great battles we had, some of your times were hell fast and i had hard to work on track ^^ and still took you not alot of time only 0.1 or less.i had a little advantage maybe, bc i was playing alot dirt3 a few years ago ^^ was knowing some tracks... it was big fun with you guys :)

hf all in monte :)
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