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LSI Racing League / PC / F1 2020 [Specific Assists+All Assists] LSI F1 Continental Championships, LSI Events Classic Car Championship: Are you ready to begin competing in e-Sports? LSI needs drivers, and that means we need you!


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The first season of our F1 Continental Championships league is planning to start soon, however we need more drivers. If you are looking to get into a relaxed and competitive racing league and want to eventually become even more competitive then join now! If you can prove what you’re worth you might even be able to work your way up into our F1 category! Everyone has to start somewhere so look no where else, we are the league for you! If you are an experienced league racer then this is the right place to show that you are the best and deserve a seat in the F1 category! The F1 Continental Championships league will not yet be streamed by anyone, but we are going to hopefully fill the league with streamers so we can watch all of the drivers on boards and see the action from a driver's view.

The LSI League Schedule and Format: (Note that all of our leagues are currently on PC, but we welcome anyone from any platform into the servers.)

F1 Season 3 - 20:00 BST (21:00 CEST) Every Friday

Consists of a short qualifying session and a 50% race distance. All F2 drivers can compete as Reserve Drivers in the F1 league. Assists allowed are: Racing Line - Corners Only, Traction Control - Medium, ABS - Allowed, Gearbox - Automatic, Pit Assist - Off, Pit Release Assist - Off, ERS - Automatic. This championship uses F1 2019 cars. Hosted on Ehren Lovell's Twitch channel.

F2 Season 1 - 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST) Every Saturday

Consists of a one shot qualifying, a 50% distance feature race, and a 25% distance sprint race with the top 8 drivers from the feature race finishing grid in reverse order. All assists are allowed. This championship uses F2 2019 cars. Hosted on Pizzarobi's Twitch channel.

F1.5 Season 1 - 20:30 BST (21:30 CEST) Every Saturday

Will consist of a short qualifying session and a 50% race distance. All assists will be allowed. This championship uses F1 2019 cars. Hosted on lvl l1ght’s Twitch channel.

F1 Continental Championships - Start date and time yet to be announced.

Each series within the championship will include a European Championship, an Americas Championship, an Asia and Australia Championship and a Street Championship. More information will be coming soon.

F1 Events Classic Car Championship - Start date and time yet to be announced.

Multiple classic car races covering multiple different cars and tracks in the F1 2020 game. The qualifying races for the championship is set to start soon, but we need more sign ups!

We aim to form a friendly and competitive community of racers and help develop drivers to improve their skills, but most importantly create clean racing that is fun, relaxed and competitive. We will run practice sessions as often as we can, but anyone is welcome to host a practice session and anyone is welcome to join our practice sessions as they are usually open lobbies.

Each race will be streamed on Twitch and some on YouTube. All races will come with commentary. We also have a Race Control team who understand league racing and will help to solve your problems within a race.

We are a racing league who are always developing and open to suggestions and will do everything we can to make your racing experience as best as it can be, so come along, race, get involved with the community and help the league develop.

We also have other roles within the leagues and are always looking for members to fill those gaps, such as more Race Control members, Team Managers, Graphic Artists, Statistic Managers and any other kind of role that helps the league become unique, so if you don’t want to race, you can always get involved with the league in other ways.

This league is still developing and we need your help to grow more, so if you come around and have a look, stay a while, give the league some time and you will have a great time! Our Discord Servers (All still in development) -

LSI HQ - https://discord.gg/6U2HmjJ

LSI F1 - https://discord.gg/K5gMT72

LSI F2 - https://discord.gg/j9VsqWn

LSI F1.5 - https://discord.gg/wPDjzbc

LSI F1 Continental Championships - https://discord.gg/T4fRVvy

LSI Events - https://discord.gg/bYPr6ep

LSI Championships - https://discord.gg/uCqE53y

Our YouTube Channel for some race streams and all race highlights - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9FEIuvGUIx5Epp_dgp_LnA

Our Twitch Channels for all race streams - https://www.twitch.tv/ehrenlovell and https://www.twitch.tv/pizzarobi/ and https://www.twitch.tv/lvll1ght/

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