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Strict Corner Cutting Rules?

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Can i just throw it out there that strict corner cutting in this game is completely over the top?

You often get warnings when you still have two wheels on the track.

Compare that to real life, where you only get a warning, when you repeatedly exceed track limits.

Right now i can't have fun racing with these rules, because i'm just too scared to push or even go anywhere near the white lines, because i don't have the superhuman precision of a Lewis Hamilton and i do slide wide or turn in a bit too early every now and then, if i really try to get the most out of the car. Never mind that most on track battles are meaningless, because everyone has penalties and is actually fighting someone who's 6 seconds down the road.


2019 rules were fine, albeit a lot more strict than real life, but in 2020 it's just time trial rules applied to races.

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In my league we plan to start the new season at the beginning of August and therefore had a test race yesterday with strict corner cutting rules like in 2019. The amount of penalties was so high that I know would like to as if CM  plans to tweak the corner cutting with the next update? @BarryBL


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