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The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread


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I'm tempted, due to the 10% off on Steam (as I have Grid 2), plus the black edition pre-order... but as I have a prehistoric PC that can't even run F1 2012/F1 2013/DIRT Showdown/Grid2/F1 Race Stars (despite me owning them all!), I may just wait. After all there should be a "Complete Edition" at some point, or perhaps some winter sales :-p

Especially as I'm waiting for the 4790K and possibly ROG Swift monitor, neither of which are available that soon (though both might be fully detailed at Computex on Monday...)
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RubyRuby said:
Ordered the disc from an unnamed vendor.  Disc installation coming up; no waiting.

PC/keyboard, offline single player.
yeah that's why I went with Amazon because I wanted a disc version as well. I have started buying games on download but this games of the kind I think I'd want to keep based on what I've seen and heard anyway
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heh...looks like there might be a need for another thread here.
Can i suggest  the 'i purchased grid 2 thread - what a mug' or something.

Of course i jest re the thread creation CM doodes...that time is so over...heres to the future 'ka-ching'

{especially now as you have my money anyhoo grrrrr}
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