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Wishlist for F1 2021 and beyond


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1. The ability to blacklist a player from multiplayer lobbies that you’re hosting. This is a better way to prevent dirty drivers from joining your lobby at the last second, or if you forget they are a dirty driver.

2.  Add the option to be able to do the engine mapping manually, whether it be a practice programme in career mode, or an option in the same menu as time trial for multiplayer situations, I just feel like this is a better alternative to making racing less about changing ers and engine modes, like you have tried with this year’s ers system.

3.  I’m hoping that tracks across the calendar are continually improved in segments, like how they have been in this year’s game. Two things I’d like next year would be adding the exit kerbs (the ones in the last 4 corners in Austria) as they are being used in more and more tracks, and adding sausage kerbs where they should be, for example on the exit of the final corner in Catalunya.

4.  I feel like it would be better if the R&D ‘Trees’ were scrapped in favour of having exponential development, as this would eliminate the issue of teams having different performance once their car development is 100% complete and also would give the player a reason to continue playing further than season 3, which is around the time when you max out your car, at least in previous games.

5.   Add a harvest ERS mode, the cars in real life usually lose speed at the end of the straight because they are harvesting ers.  This could be accomplished in-game too if it works in tandem with the engine mapping suggested earlier.

6.   Add ‘Tyre Temperature Cooling’ Upgrades to the R&D system. I know I am not the only one who has had to turn off tyre carcass temperatures because even half upgraded career mode cars are undriveable for me as the tyres usually overheat in less than a lap. Singapore is notoriously bad on tyre temps regardless of whether you’re driving in career mode or not. I know in real life it can be the case in certain situations, but usually teams don’t have issues with overheating tyres, at least to the extent of the game. I think it was a big issue for pad users mainly, up until this year’s game, where I’m hearing youtubers complain about their tyres overheating, so maybe its more equal now, someone will have to let me know. Anyway, this wouldn’t be an issue for me if the AI actually felt tyre temperature. When racing at Silverstone I saw that the AI’s tyres were heating to 102 degrees maximum, but they were just able to push flat out whereas I’m turning my joystick at only 60% of the maximum angle, and still then, my tyres were dying, and that was with a car that was at the level of a stock McLaren. So if you guys can properly make the AI suffer as much as they should, then I wouldn’t have a problem.

7.   Scrap the idea of weekly races being at regular intervals (30 mins or whatever). The majority of people won’t want to wait 20 or 30 minutes just to play a race, and would rather just go into unranked, myself included. I don’t know the best way to do them, but this just isn’t it.

8.   Ranked. I’m not sure if you’ve changed how your ELO/MMR is distributed, but if it’s as bad as last years game, where you can get matched with bronzes whilst being in gold, getting taken out by said bronzes and losing the equivalent of 3 race wins for not finishing a race, then there is something that needs to change. For a start, there should probably be more ranks, since 4 ranks of 3 divisions just isn’t going separate players enough. The intermission between races isn’t long enough, at least in the 25% iteration. In those races, having less than 10 people in a race at once just isn’t going to produce close racing 4 times out of 5. 

9.   Improve the filter system in unranked. Just being able to filter regions isn’t enough, and I always seem to end up joining lobbies only for it to be ‘RACE - 1/14’ because I have to scroll down just to find lobbies.

I do have some more suggestions in mind but it’s late and I can’t be bothered to formulate more ideas. Thank you if you made it this far 🙂

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I think you can change primary sponsor and engine supplier between seasons, you probably need to go to customization/basic info while between seasons and you normally can change those. I didn't try to do it, but for sure I was in that menu, as I changed my second driver there.

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About 8. Totally agree.

One thing is you have to wait for the race start (without any obvious reason).

Second thing, last week I managed to join session after 3 tries. This week, first try, of course error and I need to wait entire hour for the next race, that will probably fail again.

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Re point (5). I love the R&D tree as it is. I've been playing F1 games for 20 years and i have dreamt about the R&D tree that came in a few years back. Its brilliant. What i would like is a 2nd tree so i can choose to focus my resource points on next years can and do the bare minimum on this years car. This happens IRL often.

Id also like it if we had to develop the custom packages for Monaco and Monza. IRL there is a specific Monaco only steering rack used and a Monaco specific areo package. Also for Monza there is a specific Monza only rear wing that is used by the teams IRL.


Re point (7). I play single player career or My Team only. Ive never noticed any issies with temps probably cause i have never looked at it in the mfd. Project Cars 2 does tye temps better. They are on screen and you can see them heat up and you can feel the grip or lack of until they get up to temperature. Speaking of temperature its something brought up IRL all the time at every race. Whether its the tyres or the brakes etc. We dont get that in the game from Jeff. Maybe something to look at in the future as an addition? 

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