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VRTL ODM Open League - Looking for Drivers


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The VRTL ODM Open League is looking for new members to join.


We will be running some "mini" series throughout the summer (4 rally's per championship)

Each Rally will be 12 stages with 7 days between the start and finish. Current season will start tomorrow 7/15 at Noon EDT.

Settings are:
Assists Disabled
Forced Cockpit Camera Active
Hardcore Damage Active
Unexpected Moments Active
DLC required to compete in all events

To help in aiding the most drivers to the finish line we use a more relaxed repair schedule during the Rally with Long duration repairs available before Stages 3,5,7,9,11 as well as Short duration repairs before Stage 12 and in instances of back to back double length stages.

Season 1 Schedule:

Varmland - R2
Powys - H2 FWD
Jamsa - H3 RWD
Monte Carlo - NR4/R4

All are welcome to join and we do have forums that you can be a part of as well if you'd like https://virtualoutdoorsman.proboards.com/

Depending on numbers I am hoping to add some closed leagues from the community later on this year, aiming for the fall atm. So give the VRTL ODM Open league a try!



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