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Few questions on F1 2020

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Hello all,


Having been away for the last few days, I haven't looked deeply into F1 2020. 

I have a few questions in order to then buy it maybe...

1. I average AI between 80 and 90, I'm not a great driver but hey I have loads of fun and drive with a wheel. Are there any differences with the AI in F1 2020 than with the 2019 version ? Better AI ? Worse AI ?

2. I don't care abt the space it requires as they write on the disk version when you buy it ? On PS4 how much space does it take really ?

3. The game feels v tempting even though I am not a crazy driver who does this and no other games. Should I get it ? Or is F1 2019 better ?


I would be glad for some tips and advices from other drivers as to what they think and feel about it all.

Thank you 🙂

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Posted (edited)

I'm still playing through some ongoing games on 2019 but have picked up 2020 to have a look around in preparation for a new career mode with the new features etc. Have had a few short runs at time trial to see how it feels and looks as compared. 

I average between 80-90 AI as well so we're pretty much in the same grouping through I use a pad. 

Space taken on your PS4, I don't recall specifically, but its your typical AAA release, 60-70 GB all told. 

As of right now, 2019 is by far the more polished product, the more balanced and playable of the two, as you might expect of course but 2020 has some problems which means it will be a while before I jump into anything significant though I'm keeping an eye on here and on the updates to see how it's coming along, long story short: It's far from a finished product as is. 

I've had several crashes to home screen, and this is just from poking around in My Team, running some time trials and messing around with liveries.

The overall graphical look needs some work. Colours are noticeably washed out when compared to 2019, most obvious on the red kerbs and grass. Scenery around track is also less detailed. I watch replays so I notice, if you don't then it might not bother you that much. 

Team liveries are not up to date yet, how much this affects your enjoyment is up to you of course. 

Team performance is also not up to date, so Ferrari is currently far too fast for its real life counterpart, this is understandable given the current situation with real F1 and the release date, but it's going to take a patch to fix, ETA is unknown. Could affect your career if you were to start one, could mean having to restart completely. 

Not in depth, but those are my first impressions of 2020. For now, I have plenty to finish on 2019 so that's where my energy will go, it's going to take a while for 2020 to be up to that level in terms of balancing, polish and updates, so if you love 2019 and still have things you want to do, I'd recommend sticking with it. If you're done with it, and don't mind the above, then 2020 is for you, otherwise, I'd keep an eye on it and wait it out for the time being. 

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Thank you for that deep and constructive reply. 

I will keep doing my career on the 2019 version and as soon as I see the game is more "polished" with the coming updates and yes with non OP Ferraris anymore, I will jump on it 🙂

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