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PC Crashes all the time at start up (ego dumper)

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4 hours ago, BarryBL said:

How to access your DXDiag @w1n1x

In your Start menu > Search > Enter in search 'dxdiag' > 'Save All Information' > Publish onto this thread 🙂 


Thanks! Will get back to you!

Btw did you forward the Ego Dumper global issue to the technical team? Are you guys working on a patch fix which will address the issue? I'm so depressed about the fact that I never finished a single race that's longer than 25% because of this issue. At launch the game seem to worked quite fine. After the 1.08 patch things started to fall apart. I don't want to delete the game and sell my wheel because of this. The only reason I bought a wheel was because of this game.

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I am pretty new to PC gaming and like to think I am fairly competent at dealing with issues on the PC.
However I have the EGO Dump crash every time I try to run this game.
So far I have not managed to get it to start at all which is really frustrating.
I have tried updating my graphics drivers to the latest one and tried just about every fix I have found but nothing works.

The PC is fairly new with a spec that I believe should run this game.
I already have this game on PS4 and hoped to also play it on PC but alas it seems my hopes have been dashed.

I have attached the files I hope you need to be able to help me.

Thanks in advance!




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UEFI 1.6

Audio driver DCH please remove the HDA driver before updating to this UAD variant.

LAN driver

DDU safe mode and reinstall the driver without internet

Delete the hardware_settings_config.xml make sure you use TAA not checkerboard (***?) consider a framerate cap

You might want to uninstall One Drive if you don't use / need.

Disconnect the Elgato stuff until you have troubleshooted the game.

Update the Logitech receiver with SetPoint then uninstall it. If you can troubleshoot with a standard wired keyboard and / or mouse please do.


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