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Optional extension of position HUD

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Just now, AllenB2609 said:

Simple as thread title says. Give us the option to extend the number of drivers shown in the positions HUD and additionally give us the option to only display the 3 initials of each driver instead of full name.

I would be very surprised if this isn't one of the first patches we get.  They already have our 3-character "name" as part of our profile, so it should be a matter of changing the full name for the abbreviation in the display tree.

But yes, we definitely need to be able to show more than 5.  And, it should always show the time you need to beat.  So, in Qualifying, it shows your time and the time of the drivers around you, and at the top either the Pole time, or the time needed to get into the next Qualifying session.  In the race, it would show your time and the drivers around you, plus the leader's time at the top (each lap, despite being higher or lower) so you know how you're faring against them.

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15 hours ago, GBPolesitter said:

This has been asked for by the community for years and we’re still asking. Never understood why the abbreviations are there if they aren’t going to be used 

Yes absolutely. I ask myself the same question.

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