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F1 2020: Week One Update

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11 hours ago, BarryBL said:

Hi everyone,

Please check the link below for latest updates on Week One of F1 2020, the feedback and what we are currently working on: 


Please note these are the main issues we have seen and are working on, there is always smaller improvements coming too.

Many thanks,


What's the deal with the game constantly crashing in time trial on PC? I just finished the Vietnam Grand Prix, got all my XP, then all of the sudden the game crashes. I reboot and I am taken immediately to the starting grid of the race I just completed. It wasn't a deal breaker when time trial didn't work, but this is going to make it unbearable. Do you guys have an estimate? 

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Can you make tyre wear least. Driven my team car at Canada on my first stint I went hard to go long for my second stint they wear off to quick. For controllers players you need fix accelerate the timing off and turning. Take to long to get up to speed and with turning does't turn in corners very well on the joystick feels heavy and it hurts my thumb. next fix is the weather the rain why is it I am the only one sliding at turn 10 at Paul Ricard why does't AI slide. On controller sliding very bad. I know it perfect for the wheel players but not for controllers. REMEMBER Codemaster very sensitive the L2 and R2 buttons are. And one thing no slipstream once again.  

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