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After a practice session, it'd be nice to be able to proceed straight to the next session. Or at least have the option to do this. At the minute, at the end of P1, it unloads the track from memory, re loads the motorhome and then I almost alway immediately press proceed to P2. It makes the time between sessions long and detracts. Repeat for P2 and P3. It seems unnecessary as resource points are now only applied after all practice sessions? A button to choose would be good. Eg, press Cross to go to the motorhome or press Square to go to the next session. The only time I'd probably want to go to the motorhome is after P3 (to spend resource points) or between Q and R perhaps to change an engine or something?

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I hadn't really thought about it in F1 2020.  In 2019 you got your resource points right away, so there was a chance of getting another upgrade started between sessions.  Now, you can't, so there really isn't much point in going to the trailer.  Adding the choice to Go directly to next session, or Go to trailer, would be good.

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