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42 minutes ago, BelgiumDude said:

Is the car totally black? That looks awesome the black matte and black shiny finished used together 

The matte part is dark green to go with the gloss black.

Did try matte black/gloss black but it looked slightly off as it looked like a dark grey and black.

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I haven't started MyTeam as of yet but I have to say I am kind of disappointed with the lack of creativity allowed by the game in terms of the car's livery. It's all very paint by numbers and passionless. It lacks a certain soul. I was sincerely hoping for the option to DESIGN a livery myself like in older NASCAR games like 2011.


There are some nice looking liveries in here especially to be sure. Keep up the good work guys.


here's a link to some of the stuff I did in NASCAR 2011 using just what was available in their design suite to make them.




I'm no artist but I think there is a couple of decent looking rides in there. I'm particularly proud of the Vans car because it looks like a shoe and I built the skateboard off the wall logo from a bunch of random designs.


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10 hours ago, itsBjay said:

Anyone else waiting until they patch the car performances to finally start myTeam? Nice liveries so far!

No, because things change in my team frequently, cars are supposed to get better, or worse throughout, so car performance to start means little to me.

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