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As someone on youtube requested, I made an updated video (UHD wide, beware^^) showing some of my liveries, including the color sliders. Enjoy! In order of appearence:

  • "Zones" - livery of myteam youtube playthrough, season one, team "March Engineering"
  • "Smoothed" - Jaguar silk cut LeMans look-a-like livery
  • "Smoothed" - Bentley EXP speed 8 LeMans colored liverly
  • "Borders" - Preview of an Aston Martin 2021 F1 livery (if BWT were still onboard with them)
  • "Choppy" - Kind of a blue-silver (Williams?) design, that my son requested being made
  • "Choppy" - green white fantasy livery, in fact i did not make this up, but saw it in a screenshot and tried recreating it
  • "Momentum" - just because! black and yellow make such an incredibly attractive pair


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I know this thread was posted a while back but I was searching for Ideas and I finally ended up with this one after many many minutes spend in the livery editor.

Team-Farber Racing



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2 hours ago, Deadsphere said:

Found a Toyota livery over on RaceDepartment and decided to go with it.

TEAM: Toyota Gazoo Racing


So nice to be able to use mods, I have xbox, so have to be creative with what the game supplies 

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4 minutes ago, Vyxios said:

So nice to be able to use mods, I have xbox, so have to be creative with what the game supplies 

Yeah and unfortunately it's not much. 

And I like the sponsor designs actually, some of them are really good but what you can do with them is very limited. 

I think the badge options are terrible, very difficult to make something realistic. 

The actual liveries, while I've seen people do some nice things with them, boy it takes a lot of work to get something that fits in with a real F1 grid. 

Compare with what you can do with not only liveries, but helmets and race suits on Gran Turismo and it's quite sad honestly. 

I hope for a huge overhaul to this feature next gen. 

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I have no idea why its only uploading the pic upside down or sideeways... But just wanted to know if this passes as a BMW ? Should i change anything or leave it as is? Just curious to hear what guys think , and forgive me cus i truly tried for 30mins to figure why its only uploading this way with little luck . 



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