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I have started a new game, but stay with my team Green Racing.
I just think green and purple are not very present in the grid.

World champion in season 1 was vettel, and Ricciardo won season 2 and 3 with Renault 😄

So to avoid boredom i have made a few rules by myself:

Every year the teammate will be switched:
Season 1 it was Antoine Hubert, Season 2 Gasly, and currently in season 3 it is Mick Schumacher.

Then there will always be 16 tracks, and every year tracks are switched.

Every season I adjust the difficulty and the quali mode.

and after season 5, i will rebrand the team.

Green Racing, Mercedes engine, Mick Schumacher teammate.

F1® 2020_20200904224640.jpg

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I honestly wished I was any good with Photoshop and editting stuff.. 
I use the cosmos livery, because I love the combination of black and purple. But it's such a damn shame that you can only have your badge on the car once. I have a badge mod and I'm using the Peugeot logo because I made MyTeam the Peugeot F1 team. But I wished I could add the Peugeot lion somewhere else than just the nose. Like on top of the halo, or the sidepods. 

I don't even care that much about realistic sponsors, I just want the cosmos livery like I have now but with an extra Peugeot lion on the halo and a nice "PEUGEOT" on both sidepods in Peugeot font 😓

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Andretti Honda Racing

I'm a huge IndyCar fan, and Michael Andretti's team Andretti Autosport has been one of the most dominant teams there is especially at the Indy 500. Given their connection to drivers like Fernando Alonso (who drove for them at Indy a few years back) and their loyalty to Honda over Chevy, as well as being participants in Formula E, I figured it would be fun to simulate what it would be like if one of the best IndyCar teams tried their hand at the pinnacle of open-wheel racing.

I decided to have Honda in the name because given Andretti's aforementioned loyalty to the brand, it would make sense that the team be given at least a bit of financial backing from Honda and be used almost as a makeshift works team independent of Red Bull.

Currently, I'm in Season 1 with Jordan King as my teammate. Despite our team still fighting to get firmly in the mid-pack, King has not performed great at all so I intend on replacing him with a more touted young driver, with Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris, or Esteban Ocon as big possibilities in the future. It's possible that Carlos Sainz could end up in that discussion as well, but we'll see. While the Honda engine isn't the best you can choose from the rip, it's definitely very cost effective and has a ton of upside. I can definitely see us challenging for a constructor's championship in Season 3 or 4 given the proper R&D upgrades and improvements to the facilities.

For our debut season, I have decided on this sleek livery of matte black with a glossy purple, mixed with light blue accents. Distort is our title sponsor on the sidepod. This is from a practice session at Singapore. I love the way this car looks at night!







I love this game mode. But I must say that I'm disappointed with the lack of customization options. Me needing to put an accent on one of the characters to add the engine supplier to the name is kinda stupid, as is the inability to put the engine supplier decal on your car and customize the font/color of the numbers.  

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Scrolling through this thread I can't help but think that the actual liveries are fine, and you really can create something actually representive of what you might find on an F1 grid.

However, even though my mother taught me that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all, it must be said, The fantasy sponsors and generic sponsor locatons are garbage, 1/10. 😆

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16 hours ago, TopAirspace said:

However, even though my mother taught me that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all, it must be said, The fantasy sponsors and generic sponsor locatons are garbage, 1/10. 😆

Disagree, and I usually wouldn't, lord knows the history of fake sponsors in video games is littered with ugly. 

The locations could use work still, but the sponsor designs are pretty damn good, have slight changes based on location, there's plenty of them, and overall they're very well thought out. 

It's always going to be difficult because many of the main sponsors in the real world you know, are used to, have some sort of connection or relationship to due to the familiarity. Creating something fake will never replace that, but compared to others attempts, CM have done a good job here. 

IMO these sponsors fit well among the smaller real world sponsors I have no idea about, and wouldn't stand out to me in the real world in this context. 

If you saw RGB on a Mclaren livery would you really pay it any mind?

The ability to move and resize them at will would be much appreciated and make a big difference, but the basic designs are solid. 

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Season 1: Shark AC-Sport

Engine: Renault

Teammate: Schumacher

Driver Standings: P18

Constructor Standings: P10



Season 2: Shark AC-Sport RS 

(Renault B-Team)

Engine: Renault

Teammate: Zhou

Driver Standings: P11

Constructor Standings: P7



Season 3: Shark AC-Sport RS

(No longer Renault B-Team but still “partners”)

Engine: Renault

Teammate: Sainz

Driver Standings: P7

Constructor Standings: P5



Season 4: BMW F1 Team

(Bought out by BMW)

Engine: Mercedes

Teammate: Leclerc (after Ferrari outbid me for Sainz)

Driver Standings: P3

Constructor Standings: P2



Season 5 Pre-Season Testing Livery

BMW F1 Team

Engine: Mercedes

Teammate: Leclerc

Going for the championship this time!


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My Team: Caterham F1 Team

In my 1st season i created a green/black livery inspired by the first Caterham liveries. For my 2nd season, i put a little white in it.
But then for my 3rd season i wanted something different, and i went for a whole different livery. Inpsired by the "Polestar" livery of designer Sean Bull, i created my new Caterham F1 Team colour scheme!




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CypherF1 Season 3 livery



Not bad if I say so myself 🙂

Engine: Mercedes (likely the last year with them, will probably move to Renault for season 4)

Teammate: Gasly - McLaren were very tenacious in their efforts to keep Norris and Calderon decided to move to Alfa Romeo in search of new opportunities after winning the Mexican Grand Prix in season 2. Gasly didn’t seem too happy with being the third choice for the seat And damn near took both of us off at the penultimate corner of the Australian Grand Prix...

And bless Codemasters for putting numbers on the colour sliders. I can now actually match things up throughout the team

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