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AI Agressiveness and "not following Racing Rules"

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Hey there guys.

I have been running some Career mode for a while now, and some races.
And upped my difficulty for each race, so it kinda match the expectations.

But i must say like in every other F1 Games recently released.
The AI kinda struggle to follow some simpel rules.

e.g. in Bahrain, after the long DRS Straight into the fast S turn.
I was clearly in front of The AI Driver, and turned towards the apex and hit it almost perfect.

Still the AI Driver thought it could be there on he inside, and hit me out of the road.
And damaged my car alot.

Without any penalty to that driver.

So i do hope CodeMasters actually would put some effort into the AI Mechanics just a bit more...

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1 hour ago, AdamFreeman said:

Great just got excited about the ai being good in another topic and read this!

The AI is a lot better than last year.  Still more work to be done, but definitely an improvement. 

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