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Trigger rumble bug

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I use the left trigger on the xbox one controller to accelerate but after I assign the left trigger to accelerate in the options the rumble effects stay stuck on the right trigger. I'm on PC (Steam).


Is there maybe a config file I could use to swap the rumble trigger effects until this bug gets fixed?

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Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow and complete the template below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link:

Please add your bug report onto this thread or I will not be able to replicate or diagnose, and have to delete this thread.

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OK here's the description with the required template.



  1. When I reassign the accelerate command to the left trigger, the right trigger vibrates during wheelspin instead of the left one.

  2. PC

  3. 1.03

  4. All game modes

  5. Happens all the time

  6. I tried unplugging and replugging the controller but that didn't help. I tried restarting the game but that didn't help either.

  7. I'm using a standard Microsoft Xbox One controller

  8. No video, sorry.

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