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PS4 Trans-Nation eSports US Regional Series - Sunday/Monday 9pm EDT

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Our first season has drawn to a close and was a great success! Now it is time to set our sights on Season 2 which will take place on F1 2020 game for Playstation 4.


League Info

This league is a branch off of the successful Trans-Nation eSports series which sees drivers from all over the world compete against one another. In the US Regional series it puts drivers living in North and South America up against one another in a fun and clean league! 

The league currently has a group that races on Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern and a second group that races on Monday nights at 9pm Eastern. Both of which have openings for the new season.

Our season will officially begin on August 2nd and 3rd (depending on if you race in the Sunday or Monday group) and will follow the originally planned F1 calendar. We hit the track for some pre-season testing in late July.

The league is open to all assist and skill levels we just ask that those registering are located in North or South America. 

Qualifying; SHORT (18 Minutes)

Race Distance; 50%

Weather; DYNAMIC

Start Time; OFFICIAL

Collisions; ON

Vehicle Damage; FULL

Ghosting; OFF

Safety Car; ON

Rules/Flags; ON

Corner Cutting; STRICT

Formation Lap; ON

Race Starts; MANUAL


Pit Assist; OFF

Pit Release Assist; OFF



How to join?

Head over to our discord! When you are in a committee member will help you get signed up!


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