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Add a bit of unpredictability in the pecking order

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Hello everybody!

First of all, a big thank you to the Codemasters team for this fantastic game, I am really enjoying it. Surely the loooong break of real life racing has helped a lot too in this regard :classic_biggrin:

One thing I find a little bit annoying of this series in general (I have all F1 games since 2014) is the lack of unpredictability in the pecking order between races. I try to explain it better. Playing in Championship mode, I find that the top ten is filled by the same 5-6 teams, while the Others 4-5 teams keep having 0 points in the constructors' Championship. This obviously is mitigated a bit by the R&D progress in Career Mode and My Team mode.

As a long time motorsport videogames player, I recall of a stat in Grand Prix 2 by Geoff Crammond (I am old, I know :classic_biggrin:) that permitted a random variation between certain ranges of the performance of cars and drivers between rounds.

I think this would be a nice addition to the new driver cards, in the way of a "consistency stat", where drivers like Hamilton could have a minimum spread of performance (let's say 96 base as per the card and a "consistency stat of plus/minus 3, giving him a potential top form of 99 and a minimum of 93"), while a more inconsistent driver like Albon could have a more wide spread (let's say plus minus 10, varying his performance between 94 on a top day and 74 on a low one. 

This could be an easy and realistic way to obtain a bit of real unpredictability in race results.

Thank you and kind regards,

The Flying Finn

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