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As you race in career modes, your engine and gearbox accumulate wear if you don’t replace them. Engine components can be replaced any time before qualifying if you use Parc Fermé rules (Once your car is set for qualifying Parc Fermé stops you from making major changes between qualifying and the race). Gearbox can only be changed every 6 races without a penalty. So you have to manage the components of your engine. You can tab through the career menu screen to get to “Vehicle” and then you’ll see “Power Unit” and “Gearbox.” This is where you fit new components on your engine and change your gearbox. It’ll give you prompts as to whether or not making these changes will incur any penalty. You can also change all this during practice or before you go out onto the track in qualifying. When you’re sitting in your car in the garage, and you have those monitors on your car, you can look for the same things. It won’t say “Vehicle” here, but you can find all the engine stuff under the icon that looks like a screwdriver and wrench. Hope this helps

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