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Merge career and my team

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At the moment I have two careers. One when I'm a driver and one where I'm a driver owner. I usually finish all ten seasons with these games but doubt I will do that this year as there are 2 careers.

I dont see why my team and career have to be separate. Why not have you do F2 then start career in F1 with option to start own team after say 5 years or not at all? You could even add an option to skip F2 and start a my team straight away for those that wanted to. That way everyone is catered for and you would no longer have to have two separate careers.

Love to hear peoples feedback 🙂

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I think it's not possible. Both gamemodes utilize different game mechanics. In one, you only need to take care of your results mostly (and no proper calendar, I think?), in another, you need to manage money, sponsors, 2nd driver, check calendar, etc. They are vastly different.

My Team is, essentially, an expanded Career Mode.

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I like your suggestions of choosing whether to do F2 / starting a career and a team  / or starting a team later on during my career.

There would be no need for a separate career, as the player could choose never to start the 11th team if they didn't want to. Makes a lot of sense.

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I'm against it.

Why can't I have the choice to do only a MyTeam without going trough the Driver Career?


Anyway the storyline is also different: if i'm not mistaken, in the first interview is revealed that the story is about a driver who's debuting in F1 with his own team.

It would be cool to choose your path, like it was in Football Manager (or it is? I don't play that game in ages), decide to start MyTeam with a type of player, and each type has an unique bonus. For example:

  • Start as an ex-WDC: Bonus of R&D points and Marketing
  • Start as a normal driver: Bonus of R&D points and Simulator
  • Start as a Rich Owner (like now basically): Bonus of $ and Marketi
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