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My thoughts after a full season of my team.


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Yo. Now I would just like to add this year's game is great and there are a few new things to the game that make it good but it also has it's bad points. 


Good - 


AI slowing down when leavimg the pits when you're on a hot lap.




Being able to edit on the fly and not just at the end of the season. (Livery etc)


Money aspect of the game. 


Safety car length is good. Sometimes long and short. Good aspect. 


Bad - 


Had no virtual safety cars at all. Always been full. 


Driver changes at the end of the season is way to strict. Not enough in my eyes. I had 1 driver retirement and they got in a f2 driver to replace.  I would like to see Mercedes trade Bottas for Vettel or Ferrari get in Verstappen. Needs improved. 


Practice tests are a little easier in the rain. 


Practice sessions are way too repetitive like last year. 


AI are not programmed very well when you're in a qualy session and you slow down to let them pass. They slow down next to you and hang with you until you physically stop. 


Not being able to edit the order of the tracks. I would like to see the ability to have Monaco as my first race of the season etc. 


Drivers ratings need updated. 

Verstappen needs buffed. 

Norris and Carlos need a slight buff.

Ricciardo needs a buff compared to Ocon 

Russel needs a buff. 


Cars need buffed and nerfed. 

Tier 1 - Mercedes

Tier 2 - Redbull, Racing point

Tier 3 - Mclaren, Ferrari, Renault

Tier 4 - Alpha, Haas, Alfa, Williams


AI don't overtake as much as they should. Drive in trains still. 


I'm sure I've missed loads but this is what I have up to now. 




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I’m currently in my 2nd season and I’ve had quite a few VSC and one SC. AI is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes there are some good races and other times they do some dumb stuff like pull in behind you when you’re letting them past on the track. They do slow down When they’re on a out lap to let you past but then they put their foot down. Does get annoying when they try overtaking me when they’re still on they’re out lap. 

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