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Podium pass and game cycle?

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My opinion I hate Season pass type content, but I get it has to exist, though f1 2020 has confused me greatly. season pass type content, cosmetics and the like, have existed in games with persistence. To create meaning to these acquisition of cosmetics and time sensitive events. The F1 games are trying to do both toxic things. You are trying to do yearly sports game styled releases, but then also have season pass content?

I am 10000% for an "F1 GAME" then each year you have a season pass, or "F1 Live Pass" Or something, that brings you along the Journey of real life F1, giving you livery, car, team updates. Then having interesting unlocks as well. Big note to this, it would be cool because regardless of real world calendar changes, you'd always have every track ever in game.

What point is there to spend real money for a skin, when that skin is gone when F1 2021 comes out. Feels a little predatory and uncomfortable. Unless I missed some talk about it and all of that content is intended to be brought along with you to future games. Am I the only one that feels that way about the podium pass/yearly release schedule thing?

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If you pre oder the game you basically get all the content for free which looks like a good deal to me. There is not that much to buy in the item store. So I wouldn't use the word "preying" as basically all you have to to do is trust Codemasters delivering a good game and pre order it and eventually you didn't pay anything for the extra DLC if you don't mind not owning stuff from the item store you would not want anyway. You earn enough credits playing the game you have money have enough for the VIP pass and the cool stiff from the Item shop.

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They’re releasing a yearly game, yes, but they’re also releasing a yearly sports game. That means they have to pay their own employees plus having to pay the actual drivers of F1 for using their likeness in the game. My intuition tells me that it’s not exactly cheap to make these types of games. So what they have a season pass? What difference does it make to you if you don’t get it? You don’t get the new liveries. Big whoop. If you want the liveries so bad, then shell out $10 and support the people that make a game that you enjoy playing, because the video game industry overall is pretty predatory. There are games with a season pass that force you to keep buying currency to keep getting their season pass. THAT’S predatory. This one gives you 1000 extra coins for completing it. AND to top it off, IT’S ALL COSMETIC ITEMS. This is what I hate about the season pass complaints. Yes they’re charging you for in-game content that could in theory be free, but they’re a company and the items they’re giving you DON’T IMPACT ANYONE’S PERFORMANCE. So who cares. 

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The one thing that always concerns me, even when the company swears up and down that "it's only cosmetic items" is the cost.

I am all for supporting a company who makes a video game that I play and enjoy.  To that end, I sometimes purchase the in-game currency when I wish to get some of the cosmetic items.

The one thing I've noticed when I looked at the "Store" (where you can buy PitCoins, etc) is the prices are totally reasonable.  It works out to about $2.50 for a car livery.  And I'm in Canada, where the dollar is worth less than that white stuff in your bathroom!  🤣

To me, that's fair.  Yes, it takes time to make that livery, and a developer or artist (or whoever) has to be paid to do it... but then it's done, and gets purchased by people from there on out.  I'm guessing the ROI is fairly good.

Other companies have introduced this same concept, with in-game items being $15 or more.  Each.  And to me, that's just greedy.

But I think what @Flauxx is suggesting is a "Main Game" that you have installed on your system, with annual releases of just liveries, driver lineups, and tracks.

I've actually suggested something similar in the 2019 forum.  Most of the game does not change from year to year.  There are tweaks, but if Codemasters knows what they're doing (and it's fairly safe to say they do) then the code is largely reused each year.

That's smart development.  But if you need to package that up as a stand-alone product every year, that gets more expensive and time-consuming.

Even though we buy a "full game" each year, all we really get are new liveries, new driver lineups, handling updates (physics), track updates (world) and game features.

Having a "Main Game World" that doesn't really change, with annual releases that keep it in line with the current season of F1, would potentially simplify development.

The tracks don't change unless the code is changed to update the track or fix it (Suzuka bump).

The handling doesn't change except to tweak it to keep it as close to realistic as possible. (2020 vs 2019!)

The "world" doesn't change unless something is actually changed in the real world. (buildings, fences, trees, menus, garages, etc)

So, create a world with all the tracks, physics, handling models, etc.  Each year, update the look of the cars, update the names in each of those cars, and tweak their performance based on real-life results.

Each year's "Career Mode" would consist of the calendar for that year, to match the real F1 calendar for licensing purposes, etc.

New modes that involve other drivers and tracks, such as any historical races or rivalries, would be easier to implement as the tracks, etc, would already be part of the overall world.

The main concern with this type of model is the cost to the consumer versus the ROI for the company.  We currently pay a fairly standard amount for a game of this size and calibre.  But in the end, what we pay for is Updated liveries, driver lineups, handling and performance updates, and game features (like My Team).  Yes, we get the tracks and the buildings and the paddocks and the garages and ... but they don't change.  So we're technically paying for something we already bought last year.  The problem is, last year's version is attached to the stand-alone game called F1 2019 so we have to buy the new one, which means Codemasters needs to package it all up.

If those tracks were part of the Codemasters F1 World, we would only have to download them once, then simply update that world with the new stuff each year.

We, the players, get what we normally get each year.

Codemasters makes the money they normally make each year.

But the development time would (I think) be reduced because there is less to put together in time for launch.  That means more time to spend on cool features and more realistic modelling.

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