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"My team" needs a back off button

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I know "My team" is your new signature mode and you are very proud... blah blah blah...

But it needs a back off button for those us who don't a rats and clicked on it by accident(specially since you decided to put the stupid thing on the main screen), every other screen in the game has a return function for when you miss click the wrong thing in the menus (that never took PC players in mind) except for stupid "my team", "my team" locks you into unskippable dialogs, unskippable picking of sponsors, drivers, interviews... did i mention it's all unskippable with no back out option when i just want to go back to the menu?

F... aggravating...

Ultimately i had to ctrl+alt+del my way out of there because it was ******* me off so much.

Don't ever lock anyone into a 15 minute rpg section in your racing game.

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