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Tyre issue in Singapore & visual bug

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1.       Singapore issue: Top 10 drivers from Q3 suffered from starting with soft tyres and had to change their tyres twice.  They were not able to overtake the weak teams what ended up in an unrealistic result. Also Hamilton was struggeling with Gasly for several laps. The balance it not good on this track. 

 Visual issue: Everytime once I change my tyres before the race starts (race strategy) it is shown as tyre change during the race at the end - see Michael Schumacher tyres on screenshot. 1 pit stop during the race however it shows 3 different tyres -> does not make sense.  

2.       PS4 Pro
3.       1.04 
4.       My Team 50% race - AI 101
5.       What are your replication numbers? -> Twice for Singapore and > 10 races for the visual issue 
6.       Restart of the races 
7.       PS4 Controller
8.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? -> Please see attached screenshots   



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Hi @BarryBL,

yesterday I have completed a 50% race in Bahrain and the balance still needs to be improved. 

All drivers with Medium/Hard strategies defeated the drivers of the Top 10 with soft tyres as they were able to omit one pit stop.  

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This could be down to field spread, and that Singapore is a very tricky circuit to get right strategically.

I actually re-watched the 2019 race a few days ago by chance, and remember that Giovanazzi lead the race at one point, on the M-H strategy, and the top 6 cars (Ferrari, Merc and Red Bull) were driving so slowly to preserve tyres that Kyvat (Toro Rosso at the time, I think) and Russell (Williams) were the 2 fastest drivers on track at points in the race. 

Something that is interesting for sure. I'll check it out and have a look myself. 50% race distance makes scaling a anomaly much more difficult too. I'd suggest watching that back as its a really odd race, especially the first stint.

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