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AI strategy at 50% races

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The AI topteams always end their race in the midfield, because they are often pitting two time times and stuck in the field. That’s the reason why there are strange standings in most of the 50% seasons. German YouTuber Davegaming reported that issue here, and for him it’s not possible to play a 50% career.




2.       Every platform
3.       1.01-1.05
4.       Every mode with AI and race
5.       Always, especially on tracks like Hungary or Spain.
6.       /
7.       /
8.      No videos from me, but Dave Gamings Driver Career with Alonso on YouTube is a good example. He had so many wins because of this issue.

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I have to agree! See my bug report - same issue in Singapore (50% race). 

Very unrealistic result at the end as the AI top drivers had to pit twice. 



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I found the same and I think the issue for 50% races is with scaling and the rules/starting tyres for the top 10; since they have to start the race on the softs they qualified on they're forced into a two stop, you'd actually be far better off starting P11 on mediums in that scenario which is why you see the midfield winning all those races.

It's quite an annoying problem but I'm not sure what could be done about it to be honest. Maybe the option to disable tyre wear scaling would help as that would at least make an equal amount of pitstops possible for the entire grid.

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