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[PC] [EU] Wheel2Wheel Racing League Season 2- Mondays 9pm cet

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Greetings Champion,

If you are tired of dirty racing in Online Lobbies, or only racing offline you came to the right place! Wheel2Wheel Racing League is recruiting for its second season in F1 2020 and therefore looking for mature and clean drivers. What is important to us is that we enforce clean racing all the time, while still encouraging people to compete in exciting “Wheel2Wheel”  battles, and also make the experience for the drivers as authentic and immersive as possible by building a community, around our  discord, as well as producing content around the league, such as highlight videos, articles etc.


League information:

  • Assists allowed: Traction Control: Full, ABS: On, Racing Line, Automatic Gears

  • Races take place on Monday 9 pm CEST 

  • Signups are open until 26.07.2020, season start is thereafter.

  • The league is using the standard calendar (first race: Australia)

  • We are trying to get races streamed as regular as possible. We also intend to produce further content in the future.


How To apply:


Social Media:


We hope to see you soon on the grid! If there is any questions feel free to contact on https://steamcommunity.com/id/Delta2611/ or join our Discord https://discord.gg/Dt8C3Py

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