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Wheel - Patch 1.05 Brake/Look behind issue! HELP!

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I am on wheel (Thrustmaster TX with Ferrari F1 add on). Since updating to patch 1.05 on Xbox, everytime I brake it looks behind as well! I’ve tried restarting my Xbox, restarting the game, tried all the different wheel presets in the settings, tried disabling ‘Look behind’, I’ve also re-installed the game and I still have the same issue. I’ve also tried my old wheel and 3 different pedals sets and it still does the same thing!

This is on top of not receiving my pit coins either and having constant server issues (I’ve never lagged out of a session previously and my internet is fine).


This is not acceptable! CODEMASTERS FIX YOUR GAME ASAP!

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I too have that problem. 
It is completly unplayable. 

Hope you Can fix this issue QUICKLY. Can’t race my League or practice anything. 

I have a Thrustmaster TM with F1 wheel add-on. Playing on Xbox. 

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