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F1 2020 (my 2 pence)

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The biggest improvement imo is the sound. Even though I prefer the 2019 engine sounds, I can’t go back, because the new atmospheric effects when you drive near a wall are sensational and tbh I can’t believe it wasn’t implemented sooner. 

Cant complain about F1 2020 really, obv it looks pretty much the same but that’s ok, cos it’s beautiful. New tyre friction sounds are better. Jeff sounds better, pit sounds are better.

I would love for a proper driver focussed view point (driver view), with no steering wheel onscreen and I would love if I could drive right through the pit manually. The rev LEDs on the F1 v2 rim (Xbox) still don’t work and can’t wait to see the new Mercedes black livery. I think there were some engine sound tweaks in the last update, I was getting a slightly synthetic feel about the McLaren engine sounds at least, but feels great now. 

Keep up the great work. 

Dirt Rally forever. 


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