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Mate, I'm pissed. I was nervous as heck the last quarter or so of the race and when he stalled and couldn't start I just screamed and left. Came back to see the finish, but honestly I feel like I'm gonna cry. It was unbelievable that SVG was P1 and FAST then this happened. I just can't believe the shocking luck.  Just... why? Fuck. I will never get over it tbh, I hope he clean sweeps the Gold Coast and Pye doesn't take him out again. I can't put my emotion into words. 100% he would've won.

What a weird race though, like seriously.
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APR193 said:
You have all probably seen this but we have all dreamed about taking our car onto a race track lol

Brand hatch

The plank should have got more than 8 months for this.
Sniff Petrol had a good response to this.

In other news, the imaginatively nicknamed "Mr. Le Mans" (9 times winner of some obscure French motor race) Tom Kristensen is retiring at the end of this year. He will be missed, I am a big admirer of what he's accomplished.
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