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Platy said:
I don't think you understand how much Ford/Holden is a culture in Australia. Its not just supporting a team/manufacturer, its way more than that. I don't think there's a comparison or easy way to explain it. 
I understand how big Ford v Holden is, but its still silly imo to stop watching a sport because one team drops out. If Manchester United/Chelsea/Arsenal/Liverpool etc went bust people who support them wouldn't stop watching football. Its all a bit throwing toys out of pram
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Wehrlein would absolutely be a worthy winner too, he was so awesome in the trucks dude! But Coulthard only losing once over the whole weekend, that's some fantastic racing :) Plus I've been hoping for him to win since his second in 2008 so this is awesome for me!

Wehrlein will have more chances in the future though, while Coulthard is a bit long in the tooth!
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I don't quite know where the best place is to put this but lets say here!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple of concepts I made of track designs on my iPad. The first one here below is a random go kart track!

Now this one below is the one I'm more proud of! Basically a couple of months ago my girlfriend went for a hot air balloon ride and I was flicking through her photos she took when I saw this.

So I thought, I wonder if I could make this into a street circuit? So here is what I have made below!

I've made the kerbs and run off sponsors similar to what you might see at a Formula E race, and I've tried to make the run off areas realistic, looking at what was already there in the image! In the car park area on the right hand side I've been more creative, and the big field in the middle, I thought that could be transformed into a pit lane/paddock (if it was tarmacked over).

I've also included small service roads for recovery vehicles, and the dark grey areas on the edges of the run off's are tec pro barriers! I've also included sausage kerbs, green astro turf on the edges of kerbs, white lines, etc!

What do you think?
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