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not playable in Steam offline mode

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I am playing f1 2020 with v. 1.05 on my laptop:
GTX 1660ti
AMD Ryzen mobile 3750H

It runs perfectly smooth round abut 90fps when steam is online.
Well a few days ago I stayed at my parents place where the Internet is very unstable. So I started Steam in offline mode and wanted to play - then the frames never got over 7fps. However when I created a mobile hotspot via my mobile phone to get steam back to online mode and started f12020 it runs perfectly smooth. If I turn back to steam offline mode and start f12020 the frames per second dont get above 7 what makes the game unplayable.
This bug is for me by switching between steam online and offline repeatable.
Does anyone can help me with this issue. The game is not playable with this low fps in steam offline. Did you experience this frame drop down in steam offline too?


best regards sorry for my bad english 

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