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F1 2021 and onwards release date


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8 hours ago, DANDREWTHOMSON said:

After the last couple of years lately while its good the game is out in July, its seems that its very buggy, I suggest a release date of maybe mid August hopefully iron out issues.

Codemasters has a year to create the game, regardless of when they start that year.  The only thing that can't be done ahead of time is the appearance of the cars, performance data, and who is driving for whom.  But with placeholders in the code, they can do everything else to get the game ready, then add the proper details once they are known.

I agree that the game should not be released in a buggy form, but perhaps they simply need to plan the time better so it's not always a crunch at the end.  As someone with a project management background, it sounds like Codies is letting milestones slip during those 365 days, hoping they can catch up before release date.  Or someone doesn't know the Golden Rule of project management: Figure out how long it will take, then double that.  😛


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