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Textures visible on the water

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1. Detailed description of the problem. Please include any error codes here.

I can see the halo and cockpit textures on every wet track and in the water on a dry track, it also appears, but it's barely visible and it doesn't matter what low or ultra graphic settings are always

2. PC platform

3. What version of the game are you using (displayed on the start screen in the lower left corner of the screen 1.05

4. Game mode? Cariera Time trial and multiplayer

5. What are your replication numbers? The minimum number of test trials is 4. Also add the EXACT replication steps for us to try. Not applicable

6. What solution did you try? Please always try to solve the problem Not applicable

7. What peripherals do you use (gamepad, steering wheel make and model etc.) Gamepad Xbox One Wheel Thrustmaster T300 GTE Ferrari.

8. Are there any screenshots or videos of the problem? If the video is long, please provide a timestamp of when the problem occurs.


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