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F1 2015 First Impressions/Issues

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So far....

1) You couldn't make the mouse usable for menus if you also use a wheel? The menus are bulky enough without a mouse.

2) Can't edit HUD by repositioning HUD items.

3) No steering lock?

4) Every time I tab out to windows, I have to navigate back to the settings menu just to put back to full screen.

5) Seems a little too easy to lock up the tires.

I'm sure there will be much more, but I want to race, so back to Project Cars.


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1. My engine sound is being drowned out by other cars
2. The engine sounds of cars on track whilst I'm sitting in the pits sound terrible
3. The video quality is very muddy, with a lot of unnecessary blurring and faff 
4. Changing video options whilst in the pits can sometimes cause the screen to freeze, but the game to keep running fine
5. I had to manually map my controller buttons because my car was stuck on the start line 
6. Lack of co-op is mind-boggling
7. T-cam is inaccurate
8. Slightly odd behavior under braking

I'm enjoying the championship mode so far, but so many fixes needed. It doesn't look like a PC game. 

Sure it's a different game, but the DiRT Rally team have done a much better job with their game, and that's still in early access. I'm just slightly disappointed with the state in which this game has been released, but I'm still enjoying it nonetheless. 

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I´m using the driving wheel "Logitech Driving Force GT". I do all the settings as necessary, but after start a race F1 2015 lost connection to the wheel and i cannot use the wheel anymore.

some help, or buck?

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