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Hugely disappointed, lesson learned...

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I've been a huge fan of the Codemasters F1 series since it was introduced, and these past two games have been really, really disappointing.  The "cold rear tires" bug in F1 2014 made it nearly unplayable for me, but I was able to build in some setup workarounds to delay it as long as possible into the tire's life cycle.  I still had fun with my buddies running online races and the Co-Op championship was exciting, despite the constant reminder that my tires were cold even though they were spinning up through 4th gear.  I viewed it as a bridge to "better", with 2015 being a bounce back to what the older games were like.  I barely got the game to run longer than 3 minutes before it would inevitably crash. What little driving I got to do was pretty good, but I emphasize little, aside from the tiny, tiny problem of a load-cell brake still feeling mushy. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thought the graphics had a strange haze or blur on the screen, and my first time in the garage area looked somewhat weak compared to previous versions of the franchise. The lack of Co-op and Career removed the reasons why I enjoyed the older games, and after all of this piled on so quickly, I just submitted my request for a refund and reluctantly uninstalled the game.  Still, the menus look amazing, the sounds are great as well, so is the driving physics.  But I'll end here, there's no reason not to be civil about it, I just hope someone at CM reads what everyone here has to say.  I did just read that, at least, Career will come back in F1 2016, so for the first time since F1 2010 I'll skip a year.  Hopefully CM will get it together and not follow suit with every other game publisher and release 2016 without major bugs.  Hopefully.

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