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The New 2015 Lag


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Testing with 2 friends in a closed "hopper" We quickly realised we were not racing with each other the 2 cars I could see were not where the others were, and we are not talking about little lag spikes like the old game(s) we were racing against AI.

One friend did the last lap twice? so that the timings could be put right, I won this race even though the timings said I was second and 20 seconds behind.... I was 40 seconds in front. I won... in second?
This happened on more than one occasion same thing every time.  We all have very stable fibre connections.

The reason we didn't join another lobby, sorry Hopper.. was because none worked? there were only beginner ones open 3 lap races? ... so we tried them but there was a 1108 minute wait for some reason and I wanted to play sooner than that.. I know im impatient.

Listening to the peoples frustrations in their was entertaining. 

Why cant I just make myself an open lobby so people can join me?

I know there is another patch coming soon and this HAS to fix this or codemasters have seriously exceeded themselves.

Im sure that other people will have found this issue too

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having the same issue... i am on Ps4 multiplayer is not playable like this Codie :/ have another issue online.. that times changes.. buddy of mine drove a 1:34 in bahrain and when the session was finished behind his name stod an 1:22,xx pleas fix this :) 
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