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AI isn’t warming up tyres in F1 2020

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Probably a known issue but only for the protocol. It isn’t very important but for the feeling it is and it was already in the last games, so it’s definitely a game play problem: 

In this years game the AI isn’t warming up their tyres in formation lap or when the SC is on track. They driving like in Kimi-Style completely without warming their tyres up and sliding their cars from side to side.

2. I play on Xbox 
3. 1.05 and it’s there since the game is out
5. Every time.
6. There is no troubleshooting for that issue
7. Wheel
8. Can be seen in every gameplay video in YouTube

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I second this!

Actually feels like that while racing that all the AI does is drive straight on the racing line... no mistakes, oversteers/understeers or avoiding some contact

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