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Lap times after a session has finshed


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1.       A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. 

When finishing a session the laps times that are auto generated are very unrealistic. Wet qualy at Canada I was the very last car that crossed the line with the fastest lap only to have it stripped off me by the AI who had went faster after the sessi9n ended. Bare in mind i was the fastest car and the last.

2.       Platform


3.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 


4.       Game mode

My team

5.       What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to

 Can be replicated all the time. Try it for your self.

6.       What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue 

Haha. It's a coding problem. 

7.       What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) 

Makes no difference but a wheel. 

8.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.   

I streamed it. Can make it into a video if needed but this is a known issue and has been for years.

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