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Driver Transfers seem to be broken for me.

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I've just finished my 4th season, and the only transfers that have happened at all are retired drivers being replaced by F2 drivers or a team replacing the driver I signed from them with my old driver. Like in season 2 when I signed Russelll from Williams, they replaced him with my original driver Aitken. When Kimi retired, Alfa replaced him with De Vries and no other transfers were made that season. 

Start of season 5. 2024. Vettel is still at Ferrari with Leclerc, a 39 year old Hamilton is still at Mercades, with Luca Ghiotto after Bottas retired. Russell is a free agent after I decided not to resign him to try and get Mercades to replace the retiring Bottas. Max and Albon both still at RB. Norris and Sainz at McLaren. Ricciardo and Ocon at Renault. Stroll and Perez at RP. Grosjean and K-Mag at Haas. Kvyat and Gasly at AT. Giovinazzi and De Vries at Alfa.  Latifi and Aitken at Williams (ok the Williams lineup is pretty realistic ngl)

I've checked several times whether transfers are turned on and they are. Is it maybe just a bit broken for my save and it will work properly if I start a new save? 

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