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Problem with Trustmaster TMX, when I use brake camera shows behind me

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Starting, sorry for my English. I hope you understand everything and you help me 🙂

I play in XBOX ONE S
I try ( 😞 ) drive wheel Trustmaster TMX


When I play in split screen with somebody this error is absend. The problem is when I want to play alone. If I use my accelerator everything is ok, but when I use my brake the camera shows behind me. Next to, the same of button in my wheel is not working. For example, when I use 'LB' it is the same button like button for change gear. I try to change my settings, but it is not importat what option I choose, becouse each of them working the same (I check each one). Moreover I try to create my own option, but it was the same like previously. 

I discovered that, when I open option of change fuel mixture it not happened.
I tried also reinstal and delete all of my save, I tried to start played in other profile. Everything doesn't worked.
Do you have any idea how i can to fix it?

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