1.       A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here.  The game was running better than ever till yesterday but after updating to patch 1.06, I am facing massive frame drops like from 60-70 to just 10-20 which makes the game unplayable as I lose control of the car. This issue occurs randomly throughout sessions (practice, quali, race, everywhere) on all kind of modes on all tracks especially split screen where I am unable to achieve fps rates of more than 35-40 anymore, even normally. In addition to fps drops, I am experiencing screen stuttering and sometimes game audio isn't audible and some static white noise is heard when the game lags. Within a few seconds it gets a bit alright but when you think its fine, it hits back again and ruins the session as if it was in a loop. Highly frustrating !! I was able to run the game fine till yesterday. 2.       Platform Steam - Windows 10 PC 3.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen)  v1.06 4.       Game-mode?  All modes (split screen being most problematic) 5.       What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too.  Since the update rolled out and I started facing the issue, I have restarted the game for >10 times or so. Also, rebooted my pc after applying various troubleshooting several times.  6.       What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue  I have lowered all graphic settings to ultra low, lowered all kind of Nvidia optimization settings through Geforce experience. I also set the game to run on high performance settings over high quality settings through Nvidia control panel. I checked all system drivers for updates and they are all up-to date. I ran DirectX diagnostics and ran system compatibility troubleshooter but got no errors. I have monitored system temperatures and they seem to be normal and within range (CPU, GPU, Motherboard, everything). I tried playing other games, which are heavier and they run better than ever. I have also tried monitoring background processes and stopped the once I deemed unnecessary, although they weren't using much resources. I also kept tabs on network connection, power consumption, CPU and RAM usage and it all seems to be fine too. As you can see I have tried everything that came to my resort before coming here. 7.       What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc)  Xbox One controllers  8.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.   Since, the issue occurs randomly its quite difficult to record and upload and it would be almost undetectable in screenshots.